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Peas Pulao

Peas Pulao


Order Online Peas Pulao In Singapore.

Peas Pulao is a classic Indian rice dish featuring basmati rice, aromatic spices, and the star ingredient - green peas. This vegan and gluten-free dish can be enjoyed as a light meal or a hearty side. Apart from its delicious taste, Peas Pulao offers numerous health benefits.

Green peas are a good source of protein, containing approximately 4 grams per half cup serving. They are also rich in iron, phosphorus, folate, and vitamins A, K, and C. Protein aids in weight loss and promotes muscle strength.

Peas contribute to healthy blood sugar regulation due to their low glycemic index. They prevent blood sugar spikes, reducing the risk of diabetes.

The high fiber content in peas promotes a healthy digestive system, preventing conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and constipation.

Enjoy the delightful flavors of Peas Pulao while reaping its nutritional benefits. It's a tasty way to incorporate protein, fiber, and essential vitamins into your diet.

Peas Pulao is known by various names in different regions and languages. Some synonyms for Peas Pulao include: Matar Pulao (Hindi), Green Peas Pulao, Peas Pilaf, Matar Biryani (sometimes used interchangeably), Peas Rice, Green Peas Rice, Pattani Sadam (Tamil), Pattani Pulao (Tamil), Matar Pulav (Marathi), Matar Bhat (Gujarati).

Delight in the aromatic flavors of Peas Pulao at Sankranti Restaurant in Singapore. Peas Pulao, also known as Matar Pulao, is a fragrant rice dish infused with the goodness of green peas and aromatic spices.

At Sankranti, we meticulously prepare our Peas Pulao to ensure a delightful culinary experience. The basmati rice is cooked to perfection, with each grain separate and fluffy. The addition of green peas brings a vibrant burst of color and a hint of sweetness to the dish.

To enhance the flavors, our skilled chefs blend a variety of aromatic spices such as cumin, cloves, and cinnamon. This infusion of spices adds a subtle depth of flavor that perfectly complements the sweetness of the peas.

Peas Pulao is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with a variety of curries and side dishes. Its fragrant aroma and mild flavors make it a popular choice for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Ordering Peas Pulao online from Sankranti Restaurant is a convenient way to savor this delightful rice dish in the comfort of your own home. Simply visit our website, select the desired portion size, and place your order. Our talented chefs will prepare the Peas Pulao with utmost care, ensuring that it is packed with flavors and ready to be savored.

Whether you're looking for a satisfying vegetarian meal or a flavorful side dish, Peas Pulao is an excellent choice. Its simplicity, aromatic appeal, and burst of sweetness from the green peas make it a favorite among rice enthusiasts.

When you order Peas Pulao from Sankranti Restaurant, you can expect not only a delicious dish but also excellent service. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide a memorable dining experience, whether you choose to dine in our restaurant or order online.

Treat yourself to the aromatic flavors of Peas Pulao today. Order online from Sankranti Restaurant in Singapore and experience the authentic taste of this classic rice dish. Discover the joy of Peas Pulao and indulge in its fragrant goodness