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Butter Tandoori Roti

Butter Tandoori Roti


Order Butter Tandoori Roti In Singapore.

Butter Tandoori Roti is a delectable Indian bread prepared in a tandoor, a traditional clay oven. The dough for Tandoori Roti is made with wheat flour, water, and sometimes yogurt, and it is rolled out into thin circles before being cooked in the tandoor.

During the cooking process, the roti adheres to the inner walls of the tandoor, resulting in a slightly charred and smoky flavor. To enhance the taste and add richness, the roti is brushed with a layer of butter, making it even more indulgent.

Butter Tandoori Roti is a favorite accompaniment to a variety of Indian dishes, especially those with rich gravies or flavorful curries. The combination of the soft and chewy texture with the luscious buttery taste makes it an irresistible choice for bread lovers.

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