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Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken


Indulge in the Luxurious Flavor of Butter Chicken at Sankranti Restaurant, Singapore!

Sankranti Restaurant is your gateway to a culinary adventure that transports you to the heart of North India, and our signature Butter Chicken is the crown jewel of our menu.

Butter Chicken, or Murgh Makhani, is a symphony of flavors that marries tender tandoor-cooked chicken with a velvety tomato and cream-based sauce. Our chefs use a carefully guarded blend of spices, creating a sauce that's rich, comforting, and irresistibly decadent.

At Sankranti, we're committed to authenticity and quality. We source the finest ingredients, and our time-honored recipes ensure that every bite of Butter Chicken is a tribute to India's culinary heritage.

Whether you prefer to dine in our inviting restaurant or order online, Sankranti Restaurant is dedicated to bringing you the finest Butter Chicken experience. You can conveniently place your order on our website, and we'll ensure that the taste of this luxurious dish is delivered right to your doorstep.

Join us at Sankranti Restaurant, Singapore, and savor the magic of Butter Chicken. It's not just a meal; it's a celebration of India's culinary legacy, and it's waiting for you to savor every bite!