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Tom Yum Goong Soup

Tom Yum Goong Soup


Order Online Tom Yum Goong Soup In Singapore.

Tom Yum soup (Tom Yum Goong) - everybody's favourite Thai soup is easy to make and just as amazing as you get in Thailand!

The name "Tom Yum Goong" is derived from the Thai language. "Tom" refers to a type of soup that is characterized by its boiling and bubbling nature, while "Yum" refers to the spicy and sour flavor profile of the soup. "Goong" is the Thai word for shrimp, which is the main protein used in this soup.

So, Tom Yum Goong essentially translates to "boiling and spicy shrimp soup." The name accurately describes the main characteristics of the soup and its ingredients. It is a popular dish in Thai cuisine and is enjoyed by people around the world for its unique flavor and spiciness.

At Sankranti Restaurant, we take pride in serving the best of Thai cuisine, and our Tom Yum Goong is no exception. Made with fresh shrimp, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, and other aromatic herbs and spices, our Tom Yum Goong packs a punch of bold and tangy flavors with a spicy kick.

Our chefs use only the freshest and finest quality ingredients to prepare this iconic Thai soup, ensuring that each spoonful is bursting with deliciousness. Whether you're looking for a starter to your meal or a main dish to pair with rice, our Tom Yum Goong is the perfect choice for anyone who loves bold and spicy flavors.

Come dine with us at Sankranti Restaurant and experience the authentic taste of Thailand with our Tom Yum Goong