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Gongura Kodi

Gongura Kodi


Gongura Kodi, also known as Gongura Chicken, is a tantalizing South Indian dish that combines the tangy flavors of gongura (sorrel leaves) with succulent chicken pieces. This flavorful fusion dish is a favorite among those who appreciate the unique taste of Andhra cuisine.

To prepare Gongura Kodi, tender chicken pieces are cooked with a tangy and aromatic gongura paste. The gongura leaves are sauteed and blended to create a vibrant and tangy base that infuses the chicken with its distinct flavor.

The result is a delightful and well-balanced dish where the tanginess of gongura perfectly complements the richness of the chicken. Gongura Kodi is often enjoyed with steamed rice or Indian bread, providing a satisfying and flavorful meal.

The combination of tangy gongura and tender chicken creates a mouthwatering culinary experience, making Gongura Kodi a sought-after dish for its unique taste.

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