Andhra Food Specialist with very good north Indian fare as well

Sankranti is one of the many new India based restaurants coming to Singapore; to serve authentic cuisine to the growing Indian diaspora in Singapore. A couple of things sets this place different from the many other who have tread similar paths. Firstly, the authentic taste because they are using cooks from India from their chains there. Next, the range of dishes that include Andhra, North and Indian chinese menu. The prices are very reasonable and lastly, the service. Polite and prompt. Recommended dishe (Read More)
Must tries: Mutton Dum Biryani, Mattar methi malai, pakoras
I also recommend this place for:
Type of Meal : Cheap Eat/Budget, Lunch, Dinner, Vegetarians
Occasion : Children/Family, After Work
Atmosphere : Quiet/Peaceful

Rojo Tomate



Good Andhra food at affordable prices
My colleague decided to treat a few of us for her birthday, so we decided to try out Sankranti as it was well-reviewed on HGW and the prices seemed reasonable.

We arrived at 1:30pm and only 4 tables were occupied, so we took the corner table. We placed our orders and proceeded to celebrate my colleague’s birthday where she cut the cake and distributed it. the waiter helped by providing us small plates. After 10 minutes, the food started arriving, I ordered an Egg Biryani, while my colleagues ordered seve (Read More)
Must tries: Chicken Briyani, Egg Briyani
I also recommend this place for:
Type of Meal : Lunch, Dinner, Vegetarians
Occasion : Large Group, Business Dining, Fine Dining
Atmosphere : Quiet/Peaceful




We celebrated a friend’s b’day at Sankranti on Sunday (10 Aug) and were so happy with the food and service that we couldn’t stop talking about it! :)

The food was actually spicy (ok we are all hardcore spice lovers and haven’t been able to find food that actually lived up to their “spicy” label for some time.) and very yummy!! The service was excellent as well.

Will definitely keep going back. :)
Must tries: Garlic naan, chilli chicken, mixed vegetables.
I also recommend this place for:
Type of Meal : Lunch, Dinner, Vegetarians
Occasion : Large Group, Children/Family
Atmosphere : Quiet/Peaceful

Kay H



Have been there several times and always enjoyed the food. we were trying north indian food, south indian, and some of the indian chinese food. It seems they have different cooks for all three regions.

Overall n I believe we tried nearly all of the vegetarian dishes there and a few meat ones. Both of us enjoy the food there a lot. Service can be a bit slow sometimes and the restaurant can have quite some waiting time, which is why I rated the ambience low, as it can be quite annoying to have people staring on you to wait until you table is free.

dutchman flyin



Very professional. Quick to respond and pleasant to work with!

Torsten Daerr



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Malena Perdomo



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