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Every Day Festival

We are passionate about fresh ingredients and great food served in our restaurants.

Party Events

SANKRANTI, named after a harvest festival celebrated for the happiness to mark the arrival of spring.

Party 1

Coordinate workshop 'Getting in the Zone'. Pitjantjatara New Testament Audio Project. So they can hear - Wangurri and Dhangu'mi audio recordings of Mark. Why language and culture is so important for Aboriginal Christians. On the road to Maningrida - intrepid linguists and bush mechanics in Maningrida.

Party 2

Amazing things happen when working with faith. Dedication of Tii New Testament on Rote Island, Indonesia. Translators at work in Alice Springs Our Mob God’s Story, celebrating Indigenous faith in art and 200 years of Bible Society in Australia Reporting from Maningrida Maung translators on the road in Victoria