About us

About us

How it started

Sankranti is a family owned business, drawing our inspiration from the Indian Harvest Festival of Sankranti which is celebrated across India to mark the end of the Winter Solstice and the start of Spring. Founded in 2008, from humble beginnings, this family business has expanded both nationwide and internationally with 8 eateries across Singapore, India and Malaysia

Our Mission

Sankranti is about sharing our love for food with our patrons by sourcing only fresh, sustainable and local produce. We procure our spices from our native birthplace of Andhra Pradesh to ensure that you experience the full flavour profiles that we fondly grew up with and to provide a connection with your food and origin of our inspiration.

In the Heart of Little India

Nestled amongst the hustling network of restaurants in Little India, Sankranti has established itself as one of Singapore’s top restaurants in providing authentic, hearty Andhra and North Indian Cuisine with a warm homely approach to both food and service.

Our flagship restaurant first opened in doors in 2008, located in Syed Alwi Road, right opposite the iconic Mustafa Shopping Centre. As part of our mission we take pride in providing the same dining experience across our other eateries across Singapore to ensure that no one misses out on our passion for food.


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