About us

About us

Sankranti, opened since 2008 have made strong presence across Singapore ,
India and Oman originates from the Sankranti Group,which is named after the auspicious harvest festival celebrated in India with delicious home cooked food based on traditional recipes passed down for generations.

Our food and ambience is as exciting as festive celebrations and our  flavorsome menu takes you back to the wonderful cookery of traditional Indian  Cuisine. Menu features the very best of delicious and traditional flavors of  Andhra, North Indian, and Chinese Cuisines.

The delicious Andhra Cuisine is reputedly the spiciest of all Indian Cuisines.  Bhojanam, the elaborate traditional meal served on plantain leaf along with  splendid podis, chutneys and spicy pickles at our restaurant is a real treat and takes you down the memory lane.

Finest ingredients and freshly prepared aromatic spices add extra taste to our  curries. Typical regional snacks mirapakai bajjilu, punugulu are a must try.  Seafood prepared coastal style, meat cooked in aromatic greens, Gongura  along with variety of spices is a house specialty. And the delicious rice  preparation DUM BIRYANI is a popular dish of choice.

Relish our specialty Tandoori kebabs, juicy tikkas featuring succulent meats  and seafood including salmon, jumbo prawns with our mouth watering choice  of Naans, Curries and lassies.

Our Chinese cuisine is the recreation of Chinese recipes with local spices to  suit the Indian Palates. Enjoy a steaming bowl of Manchow soup with tasty  appetizers and steamy seafood from our delightful menu.

Sankranti is the place to all food lovers for the ultimate celebration of food.